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Laurie Melson
Embarcadero Realty Services LP

"Dear Joe-

I just wanted to let you and Frank know that the Creekside property's landscaping is looking terrific. The rear parking lot is even looking better without any capital improvements simply by removing the ugly plant material and cleaning up the "fingers." The yellow roses over the trash enclosures are flourishing like I've never seen since my five years here. All of the color is really standing out so thank you for suggesting that we "feed" these areas.

Your crew is doing a very good job so please pass this along to them for a job well done! Thanks again!"

Marguerite Elia
Park River Oak Estates

"Park River Oak Estates has enjoyed the services of Carson Landscape Industries for several years now (possibly four?) and we have had many good experiences with your employees, but the most outstanding employee we have been privileged to work with is Pedro Gomez. I hope that I have spelled his name correctly. He has never failed to be 100% helpful, concerned, respectful, industrious, and gracious even for one moment. I have very high standards and I have requested a few "redos" over the years and have asked for a strong attention to detail.

The gentleman who has never failed to go above and beyond my requests is Pedro. I have had a few others express a little impatience with me every once in a while because I wanted all the plants and trees to be extremely healthy, well-groomed, the pruning very natural, and also very clean-looking, but Pedro has never even slightly lost his kindness or patience or cheeerfulness even one time. He actually has learned to read my mind and has now come to me with corrections that I was considering even before I stated them. I have employed hundreds of contractors, electricians, plumbers, roofers, etc. for almost nine years on this property and in all industries, a highly motivated and thorough worker and supervisor like Pedro is impossible to find. He has come to the property many times on days that he is not scheduled to be here to offer help and to make suggestions that always work.

I hope that you know how outstanding a person Pedro is and please never replace him on our property when you make the proper decision to promote him. It will be impossible to replace his work ethic and high character qualities on our property and almost no one else meets my high standards to the extent that he does. Because of Pedro, my considerable work load is lessened and I really need that situation to continue, please. Thank you for your time on this matter."

Nica Gianulias
GPM/Gianulias Property Management
Gianulias Investments

"Dear Frank:

I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to let you know how much we appreciate working with one of your employees, Joe Flores.

Outside of being a very considerate, hardworking, and honest individual, one of the best attributes that I appreciate in Joe is his attentiveness to detail. Whether we are discussing a new landscape plan, a matter of pricing, or educating me/us on issues we incur at any of our properties, Joe is always concise, clear, and responds to our requests in a timely manner.

We work with many vendors, within various industries, and unfortunately, vendors don't always do as they say they will, and it can become very frustrating. Time and time again, Joe has proven not to fit that mold and he is always very dependable. Joe is also very diplomatic when he is approached by any of our tenants and we appreciate that he relays information shared by the tenant to us. He is also very respectful of his fellow-workers and works cohesively with them.

I am sure that you already know all that I have shared with you regarding Joe, but sometimes we forget to say "thank you" and say how much we appreciate the quality of workmanship given to GPM by Carson. Joe is truly an asset not only to you but to us as well.

Thank you for your time. Have a great day!"

Tara Castro
Heller Pacific, Inc.


Awesome! Thank you Joe and I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your time and effort. Everything you do to assist me in understanding your design concepts really makes a difference! I look forward to all the great changes that are about to take place at the Point West building"

Tara Castro
Heller Pacific, Inc.


Also I just wanted to let you know the work you did on the courtyard here at my building looks fantastic! What a great job Oscar! It really looks stunning! I appreciate your attention to detail!!!!!"